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It is there lurking, in a dark corner of my mind…..putting me in a place I dont wont to be, good days & bad days, altering my waking thoughts, how can one cope in a world of madness? Depression is becoming my best friend, it sends me spirling out of control into a world of confusion, where things look so different….looking for the the rays of the sun within this doom, the light a distant memory of things that went before…..haunted by my own demons, taunting me at every opportunity, pushing and pulling in every direction…No one ever understands until they walk the same path, to feel the sorrow and the helplessness of ones abilities….to see the world in its full wonder and glory, for I shall overcome this demon, and shall rid myself of this dark despair, I await for my mind to be set free from its chains, for I have one last fight to face….To reach out and to find the true me in this world of confusion!

By Andrew Evans 29th Dec 2013


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