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Raw Emotions


I have tried to speak out,
but no sound escapes,
here I am trapped in a mind of despair,
All I see is black,
A cold emptiness closes around my body,
I shiver as I know it’s coming…..
I hear the voices, even though I am trying to drown them out,
My body freezes…knowing what’s going to happen….
Please dont, no dont I’m just an innocent child……
Some one please explain to me why?
As I look down at myself….
seeing the tears being sobbed,
so helpless and scared,
why inflict these acts of sin on me…..?
You have ripped into my soul,
left me open and exposed to the world,
How can I begin to repair this damage?
When my heart is emotionally appalled,
Never knowing why……?
How can you ask me to act like this never happened?
When the scars speak for themselves,
For here I am an adult,
Unable to show love,
When all I have is hurt and anger!

By Andrew Evans 20th January 2014


One response

  1. Amazingly accurate for me.

    January 20, 2014 at 10:38 pm

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