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Song For Dying

This is so perfect for me at this moment in time………





I am emotionally shutting down,
I never asked people to talk to me,
But here I am having to justify myself,
Can people not see I want to be alone?
I don’t need to be loved,
Cos love means I have to show feelings,
And my emotions are dead,
I am just a dark shadow,
Devouring everything good in it’s path,
Who needs love or friendship?
When your demons are taking your soul!

By Andrew Evans January 26th 2014

Picture from Google images, would like to give credit to the person who supplied the picture.

Raw Emotions


I have tried to speak out,
but no sound escapes,
here I am trapped in a mind of despair,
All I see is black,
A cold emptiness closes around my body,
I shiver as I know it’s coming…..
I hear the voices, even though I am trying to drown them out,
My body freezes…knowing what’s going to happen….
Please dont, no dont I’m just an innocent child……
Some one please explain to me why?
As I look down at myself….
seeing the tears being sobbed,
so helpless and scared,
why inflict these acts of sin on me…..?
You have ripped into my soul,
left me open and exposed to the world,
How can I begin to repair this damage?
When my heart is emotionally appalled,
Never knowing why……?
How can you ask me to act like this never happened?
When the scars speak for themselves,
For here I am an adult,
Unable to show love,
When all I have is hurt and anger!

By Andrew Evans 20th January 2014


How London Brought In 2014


I am sat here waiting for updates on Michael Schumacher, it feels like I am losing my hero with every moment that ticks by.  To me he is the “Greatest World Champion” that F1 has ever seen.


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Now my hero lies in a coma, faces hes biggest challenge yet…fighting for his life.  No words can explain what his family most be going through at this time.  All we can do is send our prayers and hope that this “True Champion” wins this race and comes through this terrible accident.

What Is Friendship?


A friend never turns away,
They grab your hand as you start to fall,
To hold you tight,
to wipe away the tears of sorrow,
they know you are feeling sad without ever a word being said….
They bring Joy on a dark day,
With their smile and laughter,
bringing joy into our life,
Friends share our dreams and our deepest fears,
For they are here to share our highs and the lows,
For they love us for who we are,
Giving us love that fill our hearts….
For friendship is something that we should hold dear,
Cos even death can’t tear friendship apart.

By Andrew Evans


MY Hero Fighting For His Life

MY Hero Fighting For His Life

Sending Prayers That Schumi Will Pull Through This……….




The bleakness of winter always brings out the true beauty of nature.

Saying Good Bye!

When a deep blackness, takes over your very soul, knowing that you are drowning in your own self pity, hearing the sound of a clock tick, seeing time pass by……tick, tick, what more does life really mean? Hurt and pain is going through my heart to my very soul, knowing that im losing my head in rage, hitting self destruct……5, 4, 3, 2, 1……….. silence is all they hear, for he was a lovely man they said, as the dust hit the wood.




Which way is the bar please?